Announces A New Credit
Monitoring Service Free Of Charge has added a new service to the credit repair section of the online portal and is now offering free credit monitoring for customers.
Denver, Colorado, November 19, 2007 – With credit problems increasing throughout the American population, the need for credit services rises each year considerably. has joined the leading party by featuring a new free credit service for customers at their online financial site. is a renowned online company that has been offering financial services to customers from all over the country for several years now. It is well known for providing assistance for applicants with credit difficulties and economic problems thanks to their database of lenders and financial institutions which is probably the biggest one online and includes bad credit or sub-prime lenders too.
As part of the new development project that the site has designed for the next two semesters, they will be adding new services to each section of the portal. The first one will be this new credit monitoring service that will provide customers with the possibility to keep a close supervision on their credit report to be notified immediately when any change takes place. This service provides a great protection against internet fraud and identity theft and is usually offered for a fee by credit companies; is now providing the service free of charge to help customers keep their credit in good shape.
Marco Byles, the company’s public relation representative and chief officer of the customer service department explained that the intention is to provide added value to their portal by offering side products that though they are not loans or financial services in sensu strictu, they are undoubtedly connected to them due to their nature. “it is our belief that our customers will welcome the addition of a service that though it may not be what they came looking for, it is an extra tool for obtaining approval for the financial products they desire.”, he said.
Marco Byles added that “Credit is so important for the approval of loans, credit cards and other products or even when it comes to considering a job application that keeping a close look on your credit report today is a must”. As of today, this popular online financial site is offering their customers the opportunity to exercise that control for free.

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