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If you are a homeowner you can easily get loans that require collateral and thus obtain advantageous terms on your loans. However, not everybody knows that being a homeowner will also guarantee you better loan terms on other loan types including unsecured personal loans. But most importantly, whether you want a secured or unsecured loan, you will be able to get significantly higher loan amounts thanks to home ownership.

Homeownership represents a significant risk reduction for the lender even if the assets are not used as collateral for the loan. Thus, anyone who is a homeowner will find in lenders a better disposition to negotiate loan terms and will be able to obtain more advantageous terms on loans including higher loan amounts without having to overpay for them.

Homeownership and Risk

Homeownership and risk are two concepts that are related. The risk implied in any financial transaction will depend on the applicant’s creditworthiness and on other factors too. One on these factors is the applicant’s ability to repay the loan which is determined by the income and all the applicant’s assets that can be eventually sold to use the money to repay the loan.

Thus, being a homeowner greatly reduces the risk involved in any financial transaction, even if the property or properties are not used as collateral for that particular loan. This is due to the fact that regardless of the use of the properties, they are still unofficially guaranteeing repayment of any applicant’s obligations because there are legal processes other than repossession that can force the borrower to sell the property to repay the loan in the event of default.

Risk And Loan Amount

We have analyzed the fact that homeownership and risk are related, now we will go a step forward to see how risk and loan amount are related. Actually the risk involved in the financial transaction determines most of the loan terms. The loan amount is definitely not the exception. If the risk is higher, the lender will prefer to lend the least money possible in order not to risk too much on the financial transaction.

Thus, a lower risk will imply that the lender will be willing to lend a higher loan amount as this will increase his profits without too much risk of default. Since the risk can be pondered in terms of money, the higher the loan amount lent, the higher the risk. But the opposite is also true: the lower the risk implied (due to other factors like homeownership) the higher the loan amount that can be lent.


From the above two considerations, one can infer that homeownership implies a lower risk in any financial transaction regardless of the use of the property as collateral of the loan or not and that this risk reduction affects the loan terms in a positive way. Thus, due to the risk reduction produced by homeownership, the applicant can get lower interest rates, longer repayment programs, lower monthly payments and higher loan amounts. This last consideration is the logical consequence of the whole analysis and explains the reasons of the article’s title.

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